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Jules Kim

Occupation Jewelry Designer

Hometown Richmond, VA

Current Residence Alphabet City, NYC

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Jules Kim is a jewelry designer, and founder of Bijules - her line of fashion-forward, avant-garde fine jewelry. Her pieces can be found at spots like Love Adorned here in NYC; in her studio, which is open by appointment; and online at

WHAT WOULD THE TITLE OF YOUR AUTOBIOGRAPHY BE? Ha, I’m currently making it: “The Book of Bijules”

WHAT CAN’T YOU TRAVEL WITHOUT? My jewelry, because it’s my life.

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION? Paris. I go all the time and I always find something historically romantic about it.

IF YOU COULD CHOOSE ONE PERSON TO SHOW YOU “THEIR NEW YORK CITY,” WHO WOULD IT BE? Jean-Michel Basquiat, because he wouldn’t care that much and it wouldn’t be a big deal.

WHAT HAS INSPIRED YOU RECENTLY? I have been always curious about discovering new things. I normally mix my own past with experiences in the present to manifest something bizarrely from the future. I saw the Francesco Clemente and Picasso exhibits recently – two painters who represent my parents’ iconic references in two very separate ways. So in this way, I’m always looking to connect the past to the future!

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE NYC RESTAURANTS? Takahachi in the East Village and Tribeca – order the wild tempura shrimp or the tuna tartar. Numero 28 is great for authentic Italian, and for Korean lunch meetings, I go to Seoul Garden on 32nd and Broadway.

WHAT’S YOUR GO-TO SPOT IN NYC FOR DRINKS? I love Satsko on East 7th Street, Third Man on Avenue C, and Il Buco Alimentari on Great Jones Street in Noho.

WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR FAVORITE NYC BRUNCH SPOTS? Acme and Edi and the Wolf. At Acme, the environment is well curated and the staff delivers really consistent, delicious food. Edi and the Wolf is calm and thoughtfully designed. The food is home made with fresh ingredients.

WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR ART FIX IN NYC? I like to think the world is an open source but in terms of art, we happen to live in the most prolific areas of broadcasted artistic vision. Chelsea always reminds me of a fashion runway but in an awkward art world. The two artists I mentioned earlier are showing at the same time on 25th Street. Pace Gallery and Mary Boone are showing them respectively.

WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR FAVORITE LATE-NIGHT HANGOUTS IN NYC? I have been at Nublu lately because my girlfriend, Sylvia Gordon, has been hosting/performing. I have always believed in loving who you are with rather than where you are. Where you go, the party follows.

WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR UNDER THE RADAR RECOMMENDATIONS FOR NYC VISITORS? Getting drunk on $4 beers on the Staten Island Ferry is always fun. Massive family-style dinners at Joe’s Shanghai are awesome. Horchata from Mexican food carts is the best. And go downtown to the site of Ground Zero, it is humility beyond.

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE NYC STORE? Mine! I am a jewelry designer and I believe in my craft and vision. I cherish the work I can make based on just a feeling – and I love seeing artists who can only do the same.

WHO ARE SOME OF YOUR FAVORITE MUSICIANS? I want to hire Caribou to spin one of my parties on a private jet to somewhere sick. Like a tropical island. I also listen to a lot of Italian songstresses like Mina and Ornella Vanoni.

WHAT WOULD YOU CONSIDER YOUR PERSONAL SOUNDTRACK TO NYC? Honestly, Interpol. This band has a true NY vibe. There is something raw and passionate about them. Also, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs!

WHEN YOU THINK OF NYC, WHAT IMMEDIATELY COMES TO MIND? NYC is fun, but also super difficult to manage. You realize when the peeps you went to high school with look 50, and your NYC crew is a young 30-something forever, you begin to see what makes you different from most. New York is like a playground – I have played hard and loved hard, and I look forward to creating even more memories in the future.

Local Favorites

Takahachi Sushi Restaurant


Favorite Restaurant
145 Duane St, New York, NY 10013

Note Order the wild tempura shrimp or the tuna tartar.



Favorite Under The Radar Spot
46 bowery, New York, NY, USA

Note Massive family-style dinners at Joe’s Shanghai are awesome.

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