Summary of Changes to Terms of Use

Summary of Changes to Terms of Use


Effective:   March 1, 2019

We updated the Terms of Use.

The revised policy is now displayed under GrandLife®, a co-marketing brand for the Soho Grand Hotel and The Roxy Hotel.   GrandLife® is a registered trademark of Hartz Hotel Services, Inc., the management company for Soho Grand Hotel, Inc. and Tribeca Grand Hotel, Inc. (dba The Roxy Hotel).

In its prior version, the Terms of Use were combined into a single document with other policies, including Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and DMCA Notice with a single link on the Site.   Each such policy is now listed on the Site separately and accessible by a separate link.

We updated our contact information for administering user inquiries with respect to the policy.

Prior Versions

To view prior versions of our Terms of Use, see below.

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New York, NY 10013

(212) 965-3000
The Roxy Hotel Tribeca

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New York, NY 10013