Summary of Changes to Privacy Policy

Summary of Changes to Privacy Policy



Effective:   June 1, 2022


We updated the Privacy Policy.

The revised policy has been conformed in order to adhere to new and expanded data privacy laws. The revised privacy policy is an omnibus policy designed to incorporate the privacy rights and obligations embodied in various state and other data privacy laws and regulations, including without limitation, the EU’s General Data Privacy Regulations, the California Privacy Rights Act, The Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act, the Colorado Privacy Act and The Utah Consumer Privacy Act.

We added the following statement to the policy: “PLEASE NOTE:  We do not sell or share your Personal Information or Sensitive Personal Information to third parties who are not under contract with us to support our business”.

We updated the contact information for the Data Privacy Officer to reflect an address change.

Prior Versions

To view prior versions of our Privacy Policy, please click here (Archive).





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