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Weekends in SoHo

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SoHo’s legacy runs deep. The neighborhood’s eclectic heritage was epitomized in the ’70s and ’80s by a freewheeling attitude to music, film, literature, fashion, and art, making it the heart and soul of Manhattan’s creative community, a stomping ground for such icons as Jean Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and Debbie Harry. Today, it remains a nexus of art, expression, and community combining heritage with a new age of boutiques, sleek hotels, bars, and restaurants. So why not spend a weekend exploring SoHo anew? To help guide the way, we share a few favorite neighborhood spots for a weekend spent eating, drinking, shopping, and people-watching.  

Eggs & Coffee…

Soho Diner 

Adjusted Hours: Open daily for outdoor dining, 11am to 11pm 

Soho Diner pays homage to the great American dining staple: a place where every stripe of the community can have a quality meal with friends and family. Serving classics on the juke and on the plate, Soho Diner blends the simple pleasures of a New York five-and-dime with the spirit of the city’s dining scene. From the breakfast menu, we love the Soho soft scramble served on toasted brioche, vegan banana pancakes, smoked salmon platter, served with a cup of fair trade, organic coffee. 

320 West Broadway, New York; T. (212) 965-3011

Ruby’s Cafe 

Adjusted Hours: Open Daily for outdoor dining, 9am to 10.30pm 

An inviting intimate space that provides some unforgettable fare and a great casual dining experience. Ruby’s prides itself on using fresh local produce balanced with Australian culinary influences to provide the local community with some of the best food and espresso coffee in the city. Operating seven days a week, the cafe offers an acclaimed varied menu with breakfast served until 4pm. Our picks: the green eggs bowl with soft scramble, spinach, kale peas, avocado, salsa verde; ricotta hotcakes with honeycomb butter, Nutella, banana, maple syrup, and the egg sandwich.

219 Mulberry St, New York; T. (212) 925-5755

Smile To Go 

Adjusted Hours: Tues to Fri, 10am to 6pm

This under-the-radar nook from the team behind popular, subterranean café The Smile, is a favorite for staples like coffee, baked goods, and sandwiches for those on the move. They have recently expanded their offering thanks to a cafe collab with Yardy NYC that will keep things interesting with an ever-evolving cafe-style menu inspired by the tropics. 

22 Howard St, New York; T. (646) 863-3893

Clothes & Art…

Clic Gallery

Adjusted Hours: Tue through Sat, 11am to 6pm

Founded by French-born Christine Celle, Clic Gallery features art, photography, books, fashion, and home goods in a beautiful space on Centre Street. With locations in New York, St. Barts, Cannes, and East Hampton, you’ll definitely notice a touch of French elegance throughout each outpost. The collection of work is unique and sophisticated yet approachable and affordable. The collaborative efforts bring in all different photographers, artists, and photographers to showcase their work in rotating exhibits.

255 Centre St, New York; T. (212) 966-2766

Saturdays NYC

Adjusted Hours: Open daily, 7am to 5pm 

Surfer blood is shared by owners Morgan Collett, Josh Rosen, and Colin Tunstall, who made a splash in SoHo with their part clothing store, part coffee shop. Launched to suit a lifestyle occupied by surfing, this cosmopolitan oasis resides within a laid-back atmosphere derived from SoCal inspirations. Beachwear, boards, and wetsuits sit among art, books, and Saturday’s in-house brand, all to welcome the likes of those surfing, living, and working in New York City. We’re keen on their grooming projects, and head-over-heels for a bar of soap called ‘Atlantic’—it’s loosely based on Baxter of California’s Italian Lime glycerine bar, but was re-mixed by the Saturdays team to capture the essence of the Atlantic Ocean. 

31 Crosby St, New York; T. (212) 966-7875

The Webster

Adjusted Hours: Mon through Sat, 10:30am to 5:30pm; Sun midday to 6pm 

There is a lot to love about luxury multi-brand boutique The Webster. Set inside an 1878 cast-iron building on Green Street, the 12,000-square-foot and six-floor space is packed with well-chosen high-end pieces selected from 200-plus labels—Thom Browne, Valentino, Vetements, Balenciaga, Marni, among others. Here, it’s all about art-meets-fashion thanks to owner Laure Heriard Dubreuil’s distinct aesthetic that has garnered a loyal customer base in Miami, California, Texas, Florida, and since November 2017, New York. The store’s interior is quirky yet refined with features like a pink terrazzo floor, panels of vintage wallpaper, and spectacular artworks throughout. Fun, thoughtful, fashion-forward.    

29 Greene St, NY, New York; T. (212) 226-1260

Garden Escape…

Elizabeth Street Garden

Adjusted Hours: Thurs & Fri, midday to 6pm; Sat & Sun, 10am to 6pm 

With pear trees and statues among the greenery, Elizabeth Street Garden is a welcome respite in the middle of one of the busiest parts of the city. For decades, the garden functioned as a kindergarten and playground for school children (you can still see painted lines on the walls from handball games), before half the lot was developed in the ’80s into an apartment building. In 1991, the remaining half was leased to Elizabeth Street Gallery owner Allan Reiver. Once Reiver entered the picture, things changed. Reiver took it upon himself to clean the lot up and began planting grass, trees and shrubbery. He then adorned his burgeoning garden with sculptures from his private collection. The effective atmosphere is magical and whimsical. You’ll want to stay for hours. 

Happy Hour…

The Plaza at The Roxy 

Hours: Mon through Thurs, 4pm to 9pm; Friday 4pm to 10pm; Saturday 12pm to 10pm; Sunday 12pm to 9pm

Dine al fresco under the city skyline on this prime cobblestone corner where SoHo meets Tribeca. Specializing in seasonal fare and drinks and set to the sound of live jazz, it is the perfect setting to spend any fall night in the city. Plus, enjoy a nightly happy hour at sunset and weekend brunch! 

2 6th Ave, New York; T. (212) 519-6649

Dinner & (More) Drinks…


Adjusted Hours: Wed through Sun, 1pm to 8pm 

Fanelli’s has outlived any other tavern in the neighborhood (since 1922 in fact), and for good reason: a beer and burger here never disappoints. It is the comfort food spot for the serious downtown New Yorker.


Adjusted Hours: Wed through Sun, 4pm to 8pm 

Beyond its charming sidewalk terrace now open for aperitivo hour, King has many things going for it, namely its seasonal Southern Italian fare and summer cocktail menu. This favorite SoHo eatery keeps patrons happy with the freshest seasonal produce—a mix of meat dishes, seafood delights, healthy salads, pasta, and desserts alongside an extensive drink menu. 

18 King St, SoHo; T. (917) 825-1618

Miss Lily’s

Adjusted Hours: Mon through Sun, 5pm to 10pm

A Jamaican jerk hut in Manhattan? We’re into it. The West Houston and Sullivan Street hut is called Miss Lily’s, and its classic island cooking mixed with a modern flair offers a Caribbean reprieve from Manhattan, no passport necessary. The mouth-watering menu will tantalize you with jambalaya, jerk chicken, escovitch fish, as well as oxtail and curried goat seasoned with scotch bonnet peppers and fiery jerk spices. We’re especially partial to a plate of fried plantains.

132 West Houston St, New York; T. (646) 588-5375

For fashion flagships, restaurants, cafes, bars and galleries in SoHo, take a look at our up-to-date directoryhere.

PHOTOGRAPHY Anthony Delanoix 

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